Why does a man need a beard.

Why does a man need a beard.

The first thing that comes to mind: facial hair is needed to appear more masculine and attractive to representatives of the opposite sex. To confirm or refute this hypothesis, scientists conducted several psychological tests and surveys in which they tried to find out women's preferences. They showed photos of overgrown and smoothly knocked out, assessed the physiological reaction, collected questionnaires. Alas, no evidence could be found that women prefer bearded men. Moreover, it turned out that most of the women prefer smoothly beaten men with good facial skin (which is almost invisible under the beard).

So, we are dealing with the second type of sexual selection, scientists have suggested: the male competes for the attention of the female, not trying to please her, but scaring off competitors from her with a formidable appearance. That is, a beard. The fear of the most brutal male was inherited by men from their ancestors in the course of evolution. And the coarse facial hair subconsciously warns: the owner of an overgrown physiognomy does not think too much about his own appearance, he has more important things to do - for example, to rub the sides of weaker males, to take away their food and a female. Weighing the chances of a slim, clean-shaven student and an overgrown bearded man in a duel, we are ready in advance to give the victory to the latter. The same thing is done on a subconscious level by a woman.

This theory is supported by the results of a study conducted by Nigel Barber. It turns out that the fashion for a mustache and beard in the UK from 1842 to 1971 changed depending on the social situation. At a time when moral dogmas were growing stronger and it was more difficult to achieve a woman, or the total number of women in the population was declining, more people let go of mustaches and beards. When morals were liberated or men were in short supply, the fashion for a clean-shaven face returned. The source of the article is the website .

But the opinion that a lot of hair on the face and body is a sign of a high level of testosterone, scientists could not prove. Yes, the insufficient level of this hormone, which does not reach the physiological norm, is really associated with weak facial hair growth. But if testosterone is within the normal range, the degree of hair loss depends on the genetic predisposition.

In addition to the beard, his voice comes to the aid of a man in a competitive struggle. According to the observations of scientists, a low male voice in representatives of both sexes is associated with greater strength and influence of its owner. Therefore, in disputes with other men, representatives of the weaker sex unconsciously reduce the timbre. "The more serious the situation and the closer a major conflict, the lower the men's voice becomes, gradually turning into bass," the researchers note. As a result, the conflict may end without starting if the participants are afraid of the owner of the bass. Especially if he has a beard.

Interestingly, the use of both types of sexual selection is also characteristic of women. Moreover, the same action can change the deeper meaning depending on the situation. "So, if a woman made up brightly before a date with a man, she probably wants to please him directly, and if she did the same thing going to a party with her friends, she probably hopes to outshine competitors," scientists say.

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