AA Wheel & Truck Supply Inc. has been providing exceptional customer service and high quality truck/traMVC-005Siler parts to many loyal customers around Kansas City, as well as numerous companies across the country, for over 25 years.  Located in the heart of North Kansas City, AA Wheel & Truck Supply is directly on the truck and trailer route for your convenience. Another benefit of this one-stop-shop is the delivery service that is offered.  Our company trucks make deliveries, for no additional costs, and can be arranged to any location in the metro area by any one of our four drivers.  We have 7 people on the counter to serve you.  Each individual has the know- how to to get you the exact part in an efficient manner, regardless if you are a walk-in or on the phone.  We also have a Muncie Hydraulic Specialist that covers any of your power-take-off (PTO) or hydraulic demands.  Located in the rear of the warehouse is our brake shop.  We have a bounty of shoes alreadMVC-004Sy in stock; but at the drop of ahat, our specialists  can make or reline your brake shoes while you wait.  Keeping our 30,000 square-foot building stocked from floor to ceiling is our employees in the warehouse.  Combined, these employees have decades of experience for this physically demanding job.  Receiving, shipping, stocking and pulling are only a few of the many tasks that keep our operations smooth and our location a success!