Products & Specials

Air Conditioning

New & Exchange A/C Compressors  Filter Dryers, Clutches, Fans & Motors
R134A Refrigerant, Hose & FittingsA/C & Heater Complete Units



2K-15K Complete, Bare Beams, Idlers, Braked-Electric, Hydraulic & Air. ABS

& Non ABS, Straight and Drop, Torflex


22.5K – 25K Complete, Bare Beam, Idlers, Air Brake Non ABS & Air Brake
ABS. For Trailer, Tag, & Pusher
Bearings, Seals, Hub Caps, Spoke Hubs, Disc Hubs, Axle Seats



Brake Shoes – Exchange & New, Hardware & Cam Kits, Camshafts,Slack Adjusters –
Auto & Manual, Hoses, Tubing, Fittings, Brake Drums,Brake Lining, Brake Valves,
Air Dryers, Air Compressors, ABS Kits


Disc Brake Pads, Exchange Calipers, Hardware, Pistons, & Rotors
Brake Shoes, Complete Kits, Magnets,Backing Plates, Brake Controllers, Brake Drums
Brake Shoe Kits. Wheel Cylinders, Hardware Kits, Master Cylinders, Brake Boosters,
Brake Drums



Brake Clean, Starting Fluid,A/C Flush Solvent, Spray Paint & Primers, Anti-Seize,
Silicone Adhesives, Spray Lube, De-Icer, Fuel Additives & Radiator Treatment,
Anti-Freeze, Windshield Washer Solvent


Starters & Alternators, Solenoids, Coiled Electric Cables. Primary Wire,
Wire Terminals, Plugs, Receptacles, Heat Shrink Tubing, Circuit Breakers,
Wire Ties, Electrical Tape, Dash Fans, Batteries, Battery Charging Systems

Engine Parts

Engine Overhaul Kits, Cylinder Kits, Rod & Main Bearings, Gasket Kits,
Individual Gaskets, Camshafts, Crankshafts, Water Pumps, CylinderHeads,
Connecting Rods, Oil Pumps, Accessory Drives, Rocker Boxes, Cam Followers,
Injectors & Fuel Pump, Turbos
Shop Equipment
Shop Air Compressors, Gas Powered Air Compressors For Service Truck,
Shop Air  Hoses & Fittings.
Wheel & Tire Repair

Valve Stems – Steel or Aluminum, Valve Cores & Caps. Air Chucks

Tire Pressure Gauges, Valve Core, Removal Tools, Tire Patches & Plugs

Tire Mounting Compound, WheelWeights – Drive On & Stick On
Tire & Wheel Removal Equipment

Tire Hammers, Lock Ring Tools,Tire Irons, Wheel Nut Sockets,
Axle  Nut Sockets, Stud Installers, Broken Nut Removers, Air Impact Guns.

Floor & Bottle Jacks, Wheel Dollies, Bead Blasters
Tire Pressure Equalizers

Crossfire & Visualizers



PTO’s, Hydraulic Pumps, Clutch Pumps, Replacement Parts; Aluminum, Steel
or Poly Hydraulic Tanks, Hoses and Fittings, Quick Couplers, Shift Towers,
D.C. Power Units

Hydraulic Services

Muncie PTO’s Rebuilt, Hose Assemblies Made in House, Drivelines Assembled
Light Trailer Accessories


Receiver, Bumper, Turn OverBall, Gooseneck Couplers, Tongue Couplers

Ball Mounts

Cushioned and Regular

Hitch Balls

Zinc, Chrome or Raw Finish. Hi-Rise Balls, Specialty Heat Treated Balls

Trailer Jacks

Swivel Mount, A-Frame Jacks, Drop Leg    Jacks, Rack & Gear Jacks


Couplers, D-Rings, Hitch Pins, Safety Chains, Hitch Locks, Wiring Kits


Safety Equipment

Triangle Reflectors, Fire Extinguishers Reflective Tape, Back-Up Alarms,
Placards, Fuses, KingPin Locks, Gladhand Locks, Revolving Lights and Strobes,
Warning Bars, Nylon Winch Straps, Ratchet Straps, Winch Bars,
Sliding Winches, Weld-On Winches, Load Locks- Steel and Aluminum,
Load Lock Holders


Suspension Complete

Trailer, Tractor – Tag & Pusher, 2K – 25K Spring & Air Ride,
Light Truck Overload Air Kits
Frame Brackets, Equalizers, Springs, Air Bags, Leveling Valve, Shackles

Shock Absorbers, U-Bolts for Most All O.E.M.’s


Trailer Parts

Body Parts

Crossmembers, Side Rails, Panels, Wood Flooring And Screws
Doors And Parts

Roll-Up Doors, Swing Doors, Door Hinges, Pins, Latches, Lock Rods,

Lock Rod Bushings, Roll-Up Door Rollers & Hinges, Door Cables



Slider, Sub-Frame Assemblies, Pins, Lock Rods, King Pins, Slick-Discs,
Landing Gear Sets and Braces, Dolly Crank Handles



Marker Lights, Stop, Turn & Tail Lights, Light Box Modules, Mounting Brackets

Grommets, Pigtails, LED Lighting.


Container Parts

Twist Locks & Pins, Handles, Flooring, Doors, Door Seals,
Austin & Jost Landing Gear, Roof Bows


Truck Parts

Axle Parts

Wheel Seals, Bearings, Oil Hub Caps, Grease Hub Caps, Axle Nuts, Washers

Wheel Studs & Nuts. Axle Studs, Dowels and Gaskets. Spoke & Disc Wheel Hubs.


Chassis Parts-Front Axle

Draglinks, King Pins, Tie Rod Ends, Steering Gears, Power Steering Pumps

Springs, Pins, & Bushings


Bolts & Nuts, Washers, Screws


Hitches & Equipment

Draw Bars, Tow Hooks, Pintle Hooks, Tool Boxes, Cab Guards, Repair Parts,
Fifth Wheels, Fifth Wheel Rebuild Kit, Bushings, Pins


Chassis Parts-Rear Axle

Suspension Parts For All OEM Truck uspensions. Springs, U-bolts, Air Bags


Transmission Related

Clutches, Pilot Bearings, Clutch Brakes, In-House Flywheel Turning.
U-joints, End Yokes, Seals, Center Bearings, Transmission Bearing Kits


Engine Related

Air, Oil, Fuel & Water Filters. Puradyn Oil Systems For Extended Oil Drain Intervals.
Fan Drives, Belts & Hoses, Exhaust Elbows, Flex Pipe, Chrome Pipe, Clamps, Mufflers


Hose & Fittings

Stratoflex Hose & Fittings, Plastic Air Line, Rubber Air Hose, Brass Fittings,
Heater Hose – Silicone & Regular,
Mud Flaps & Quarter Fenders

Plastic & Rubber Mud Flaps, Custom Personalized Mud Flaps, Mud FlapHangers,
Spring Loaded Mud Flap Hangers. Plastic, Steel, & Stainless Steel Quarter Fenders.


Lighting & Electrical

Sealed Beam Headlights, Miniature Bulbs. Electronic Flashers, Battery Cable & Ends,
Jumper Cables.



Wiper Blades & Arms, Convex Spot Mirrors, West Coast Mirrors, Heated Mirrors,
Mirror Brackets, Chrome Accessories.


Wheels & Rims


Alcoa Heavy Truck, Light Truck, Trailer


Agricultural, Industrial, Heavy Truck, Light Truck, Passenger, Trailer

Accessories & Equipment

Hub Covers, Hubodometers, Lock & Side Rings, Nut Covers, Spacers,

Tire Chains & Cables, Tire Pressure Equalizers, Tire Service Equipment,

Valve Stems, Wheel Attaching Parts, Wheel Balancers, Wheel Simulators,

Wheel & Rim Lubricant, Wheel Weights