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LaunchMate is a replacement for the Windows taskbar, providing you with multiple programs and directories listed side-by-side in a unified view.
LaunchMate Features:
* Simple and easy to use.
* Multi-column view of your programs and shortcuts for easy access.
* Makes programs easily accessible by moving them to the launch bar.
* Program icons can be customized to show more information, such as program name, description, and/or screenshot.
* Program launches in the default display mode.
* Supports all window types (MDI, WINDOWS, or others).
* Quick access to programs and applications using ctrl+tab.
* Provides an unlimited number of columns to help you keep track of your programs.
* Clean, neat, and easy to use.
* Integrated configuration dialog.
* Keyboard shortcuts can be configured for quick access.
* Real-time monitoring, recording and output of monitor resolutions and monitor frequencies.
* Fully compatible with Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000.
* No installation required.31 March 2013

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LaunchMate Free Download is a very good application launcher which will definitely end your searching. It can dock to any edge of the screen just like the Windows taskbar. You can organize your programs in up to 50 categories a sure a way to remove the clutter. LaunchMate is one of the most customizable programs you'll find.
One of its standout features is the ability to set the display settings for each program so that when it is launched the screen will change to those settings.
This takes away the hassle of having to remember to change your display setting every time you want to play a game or use a program that works better in a specific display setting. A few days with LaunchMate and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
KEYMACRO Features:
1. Hide Applications:
Hide Applications is designed to let you hide applications. Unlike other launchers, LaunchMate allows you to completely hide all applications without showing your desktop. This makes it possible to disable your applications even while on the desktop. LaunchMate allows you to create virtual desktop, move applications to your virtual desktop and hide applications.
2. Full Screen Apps:
LaunchMate allows you to launch an application in full screen mode by pressing the F key. This ensures that the application window takes over the whole screen.
3. Multimedia Applications:
LaunchMate allows you to easily launch multimedia applications such as games, movie players, etc. LaunchMate allows you to launch the game window in full screen mode.
4. Docking to edges of the screen:
LaunchMate allows you to dock applications to the side or top of the screen. You can dock any application to any edge of the screen and turn it into a floating icon.
5. Disk Usage Meter:
LaunchMate has a Disk Usage Meter which allows you to see which applications or files are using up the most disk space.
6. Package Manager:
LaunchMate allows you to easily install/uninstall applications. All the packages can be installed by simply dragging them onto the Launcher's package manager.
7. Move Applications to your Virtual Desktops:
LaunchMate allows you to create virtual desktop. You can also move applications to your virtual desktop.
8. Undock Applications from Dock:
LaunchMate allows you to undock applications from Dock.
9. Dock to Dock:
LaunchMate allows you to have two icons on each side of the screen.
10. Screen Saver:

LaunchMate With Product Key [Mac/Win]

+ Very good, customizable, and configurable launcher
+ Dock to any edge of the screen
+ Organize your programs by categories (Hotkeys)
+ Set Display Settings for each program, so you can change it when it is launched
+ Allows access to programs in a specific display setting
+ Great with the Flipside and other time based displays
+ Allows access to multiple programs in a single window
+ Allows access to favorites in a single window
+ Runs on a PC, Mac, or Linux

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Shutter Xtreme

Shutter Xtreme is a robust screenshot application that offers many features for ease of use. The main screen will have a strip that displays a thumbnail of your screenshot with a preview of the area you are trying to capture. You can do one or multiple captures at once using a mouse or the keyboard. You can view your screenshots in either regular or slideshow mode. Shutter also allows you to crop the captured area and can work with different image files.

When you need to screenshot something you can capture the whole screen or part of it. You can capture screenshots of any window or program with the same ease as the clipboard or a mouse click.

Shutter Xtreme also allows you to share your captured screenshots with others. A similar feature to LaunchMate, but this allows you to not only share your screenshots but also edit them. Shutter Xtreme is free, offers great functionality, and works well with the Flipside and other time based displays.

You can capture screenshots, edit them, and share them all with ease using Shutter Xtreme.


+ Great Screenshot application
+ Capture entire screen or just a part of it
+ Share screenshots on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, or email
+ Can capture images from any window or program
+ Can capture images with a single click
+ Crop images to be more precise
+ Work with images of different formats
+ Capture images at high resolutions
+ Create GIFs and JPEGs

Great Features:

+ Capture screen as images, videos, or GIFs
+ Capture images from any window or program
+ Can capture images at high resolutions
+ Capture images and videos with a single click
+ Work with images of different formats
+ Create GIFs and JPEGs
+ Share images through Facebook, Twitter, Skype, or email
+ Crop images to be more precise
+ Work with images

What's New In?

LaunchMate is a simple, elegant program launcher for OS X Leopard. It combines a highly customizable interface with a very stable and fast program launcher. Using LaunchMate, you can add to your desktop a description of the program, its icon, and a list of categories where it will be located.

You can organize your programs into multiple categories and/or create a list of favorite programs that can be accessed from your desktop, menu bar, dock, and others. All LaunchMate icons can be configured to launch and the display settings of the active program can be set and stored for quick access.

The LaunchMate interface is very easy to use, and contains a well organized interface with a lot of options. The program launcher is fast and stable. LaunchMate adds a small amount of system resources to the computer.

Each icon can have up to five different behaviors. They can launch the program you're looking at, play a file or URL, or simply set the system display to the settings for that icon.

LaunchMate is a universal program launcher for Mac OS X. It is an extremely configurable, multi-category and multi-behavior launcher. With it, you can create a custom desktop icon for every program and use the icon to launch the program or show the properties of that program. The multi-behavior feature lets you set the display settings and icons for programs.

LaunchMate can also be used as a program launcher for Windows applications, such as Internet Explorer and Visual Studio.

You can set a default icon, a description, a favorite icon and a list of other icons that LaunchMate will include in the dock. All icons can be configured to launch the program, play a URL, open a file or set the display to any of the settings stored for the program.

LaunchMate can be configured to work with any folder you want. You can have it placed on a specific category, or just use a shortcut on your desktop.

LaunchMate will be one of your favorite programs. It's a very simple program launcher that works very well.

This is a very handy application. It works exactly like the Taskbar for Windows and gives you a quick way to access programs, folders, URLs and much more.

LaunchMate includes up to 50 different program categories for your programs and you can add as many as you like. You can also add folders to it.

This program is ideal for people who use Mac OS X. It provides a nice way of grouping the programs you use most.

LaunchMate is perfect for those that do not have the time to set their launch icons every time they launch a program. This is a highly configurable and customizable program launcher.

LaunchMate is fully integrated into the Mac OS X Finder. You can have your LaunchMate application on your desktop, Dock and menu bar.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8/8.1, or 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce 8600 GTS or Radeon HD 2400 or higher
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Multiplayer support requires broadband internet connection

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