Is it possible to cure impotence

Is it possible to cure impotence? What treatment methods are effective?

In one of the articles, our experts have already told us how to cure erectile dysfunction. Impotence is a more complex condition. In simple words, this is an extreme degree of erectile dysfunction, when a man completely lacks an erection, that is, there is no hardness of the penis, which is required for sexual intercourse.

According to AHealthyMan observations, the treatment of impotence is more difficult than erectile dysfunction. If the latter in 70-90% of cases has a psychogenic nature, then, according to ICD-10, impotence has an exclusively organic origin. At the same time, various stresses and neuroses that have existed for a long time can cause organic lesions of structures that regulate sexual function. Therefore, we can say that impotence is also a consequence of psychological problems. In any case, the treatment is carried out taking into account the reason that needs to be clarified.

Diagnosis is the first step to the correct treatment of impotence

Before starting the treatment of impotence, it is necessary to find out for what reason it appeared. To do this, a man needs to make an appointment with a urologist-andrologist and undergo the diagnosis prescribed by him. Her methods are divided into 2 groups: subjective (information obtained during a conversation with a patient, i.e. complaints and anamnesis) and objective. The latter include:

  • Physical diagnostic methods. They include external examination and palpation, diagnostic prostate massage and other necessary procedures.
  • Laboratory tests: general tests of urine and blood, secretions of the sex glands, hormones.
  • Instrumental methods: ultrasound, thermography of the genitals, urethrography, urodynamic studies.

Basic principles of impotence treatment

Based on the results of the diagnosis, the doctor determines for what reason the man has problems with sexual function. This helps to determine exactly how to cure impotence. According to the principle of action, the treatment can be:

  • Etiotropic. Therapy is aimed precisely at eliminating the cause of impotence.
  • Pathogenetic. Treatment consists in influencing the mechanism of development of the disease.
  • Symptomatic. Therapy involves the elimination of existing symptoms of impotence.

Depending on the cause of impotence, a man may be prescribed medications, injections, prostate massage. Often, physical therapy, acupuncture, and spa treatment are included in therapy.

In particularly difficult situations, surgical treatment is resorted to. Due to the fact that impotence is an extreme degree of erectile dysfunction, surgical interventions are quite important. In practice, the following operations are most often performed:

  • With the vascular nature of impotence, when blood flow to the penis is disrupted, operations are performed on vessels and cavernous bodies. This is done by an angiosurgeon, who replaces certain areas of the aorta with a special transplant.
  • Phalloplasty. The essence of the operation is the implantation of penile prostheses. The most physiological method of installing a prosthesis is considered to be the introduction into the depth of tissues, thereby reducing the risk of rejection.

Having considered the topic, you will be able to answer the question yourself whether impotence can be cured. This is real if you take a serious approach to solving the problem, do not self-medicate and consult a specialist. Modern methods of dealing with such a problem are very numerous, and it is important to choose the treatment that is right for you. This requires the qualified help of a urologist-andrologist, to whom you can turn.

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