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2bpop Crack Download

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2bpop is a free Mac OSX and Windows based Application that allows you to grab URLs from web pages and add them to your database for use on future web searches. Automatic email is sent to people on your list telling them about your recent web surfing. 2bpop will also allow you to edit your database with your web page descriptions and keywords.
2bpop comes with 100 web site pages that are pre-loaded into your database with thousands of web site descriptions, links, and keywords.
Email Script Included:
You can have 2bpop email you an HTML formatted email with images from the latest visited web sites. This is a great way to get in touch with people on the internet.
Advantages of 2bpop:
* Send an automated email to people on your mailing list with a url to the recently visited web sites.
* Be notified when someone contacts you.
* Save URLs from web pages for later use.
* This software automatically grabs descriptions and keywords from the text of web pages.
* Free trial included.
* Edit your web page descriptions and keywords as you surf.
* Take control of your email and list building.
* 2bpop is easy to use.
HOW 2bpop Works:
* After downloading, just double click on the 2bpop icon.
* Once the database has been loaded, a list of the most recent visited web sites will be listed at the bottom of the screen.
* You can select a web site from this list and automatically add it to your database by clicking the "Add to database" button.
* You can also press the "Add to Database" button with a single site at a time or with a group of sites at a time.
* After pressing the "Add to database" button, a short description and keywords for the selected web site will be added to your database.
* Click the "Email" button to immediately send an email to everyone on your mailing list with a url to the recently visited web sites.
* If you want to include a picture, click the "Email" button, then scroll down to "Include a Picture". Select an image from your hard drive and add it to the email.
* To remove a web site from your database, just press the "Remove" button.
* Press the "Open" button to exit the database.
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2bpop is a powerful Internet Explorer search engine designed to save time and to take the stress out of surfing the web.

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What's New In?

2bpop is a powerful web search and retrieval tool that will assist you in every aspect of the internet search/surfing experience. You will also be able to store your URLs, page descriptions, keywords, e-mail addresses and much more to assist you in each aspect of your web browsing experience.
A simple set of powerful features that will allow you to
1. Capture email addresses
2. Find prices
3. Build databases of people and business on the internet
4. Save and reuse emails and email templates from websites
5. Use keywords to your advantage on the web
6. Build targeted lists of names
7. Research names, companies, companies
8. Research on millions of search sites
9. Collect your "finds" on the web
10. Answer research questions
11. Watch for mass spamming
12. Post your email address on the web to get real people responding to you



System Requirements:

Recommended: Windows 7/8/10 64bit (latest versions)
Dual Core Intel or AMD Dual Core
2.5 GHz Processor
DirectX 11
1366x768 display
11 GB available hard drive space
Audio and speakers compatible with the game (speakers are recommended)
DirectX compatible sound card
DirectX compatible keyboard and mouse
Keyboard and mouse not required
PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 compatible
Windows XP or later
Internet access required for online features


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