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Tournament Manager is a tool used for setting up tournaments. The program is made of a
number of modules. The first is called the main control module, which is used for receiving
the data from the user and displaying it on the screen. The second is called the main
results database. It is used for storing the results of the tournament. The third module is the
results database viewer, which is used for displaying the results, in a form that is easy to
read. The final module is the program's input module, which is used for receiving input
from the player.
Main Functionality:
The program's main functionality is the setting up of a tournament with all the functions
necessary for conducting a tournament with a typical set of rules. The tournament is
divided into rounds and each round is divided into matches. The player is assigned a
unique ID. Every round consists of six games and every match consists of two games. The
program is able to take into account simultaneous tournaments. For example, if a player
plays in several tournaments at the same time, the program can deal with it as though the
player is playing in one tournament with more than two players.
The main control module has two windows. The first displays the lists of all the
rounds. The second is used to display the data from the results database. The first window
includes two lists. The first displays the matches of every round. The second displays the
names of the players. In addition, the second window contains two lists. The first list
displays the list of names of all the players participating in every round. The second list
displays the list of all the round results.
The main results database is displayed in the main results database viewer. In this
window, the results from every round are listed. The player is assigned a unique ID. In
addition to the match scores, the program also displays other data. For example, in
rounds with odd numbers of participants, the program displays the time each player has
played in each round. For rounds with even numbers of participants, the program displays
the number of rounds each player has played.
The program's input module is used to receive data from the players. The program's
input module consists of three windows. The first is used to enter the data from the
participants. The second is used for entering the names of all the players. And the last is
used for entering the dates of the

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■ Tournament Manager is a tournament organisation program.
■ It is very easy to use.
■ You can set the organization of the tournament according to the Swiss system, for example,
-1-5-(6-8)-9-10 (roY)
■ You can use the predefined results list.
■ You can set the round number, players and results of the tournament.
■ There is a tournament editing function for referees. You can correct or add the
referee data on the tournament data.
■ You can edit the data of a round or all rounds at once.
■ The result of each round is outputed on each round.
Tournament Manager has a built-in feature to list all the tournament data on a day.
The Tournament Manager List can be displayed on the screen using the following features:
■ Tournaments
■ Results
■ Scores
■ Players
■ Referee
■ Round number
■ Round number 2
■ …
■ Round number n
■ Past tournaments
■ …
■ Future tournaments
■ …
■ All tournaments
■ …
■ Past tournaments by round
■ …
■ Future tournaments by round
■ …
■ All tournaments by round
■ …
■ The tournament manager provides simple and rapid input and editing functions for all tournament data.
■ You can modify tournament data easily using various functions.
■ As the tournament data have been inputted, the data can be outputted on the screen
with the tournament information.
Tournament Manager is a tournament organising program which helps you to plan and conduct tournaments. You can organize and conduct many tournaments and simplify the task of tournament management.
Tournament Manager can manage tournament data in the following forms:
■ Tournaments
■ Rounds
■ Players
■ Games
■ Scores
■ Referees
■ Prizes
■ Results
■ Round number
■ Player lists


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| A | D | A | Bo3 | 5 |
| C | E | C | Bo3 | 4 |
| B | F | B | Bo3 | 3 |
| D | G | D | Bo3 | 2 |
| C | H | C | Bo3 | 1 |

Comprised of games with the biggest names in play, this is a fast, exciting way to see if you have what it takes. It consists of a pre-qualifying round-robin with all competitors being seeded by points. If you win, you then progress to the tournament proper.
Playing in this event will be Marcelo ''Antolin'' Bueno (Nova Gorica), Rodrigo ''Zeus'' Roque (Sao Paulo), David ''Davo'' Tan (Toronto), and Matt ''Kabbaj'' Renschler (Kanata).

This event will be held in standard Best-of-Three (Bo3) double-elimination brackets. Each team is guaranteed an equal number of games in a Bo3, with the loser of a Bo3 advancing to the next round of the tournament.

Please enter the adresse in your event manager, your local time, and your display preferences (game mode, etc). You can use this information later if you want to add your tournament in the queue.

You will be able to see the tournament results for each bracket (all games)

The tournament will consist of a pre-qualifying round-robin with all competitors being seeded by points. If you win, you then progress to the tournament proper.

You can filter the results according to your local time and the type of game (Bo3, XBo5, etc).

If you win, you will be able to see who played with you and who played against you.

You can see how many games you won or lost in each match.

You can see which team you are playing in the next round.

The results of the event can be viewed in the Tournament Manager for future events.

You can set up a custom display and timer for each game (selecting a game and then opening the game with your display preferences)Q:

Parsing through files in

What's New in the?

Tournament Manager is a multiple tournament organizer software, it can be used for organizing and managing tournaments and tournaments as a whole. It contains all the information needed for organizing tournaments, such as name, size, tournament duration, description, team names, tournaments available, players/teams participation and results (tournament rules and scoring). You can organize a tournament with Tournament Manager, get results for the past tournaments, current tournament and the future tournaments and even have tournament stages. Tournament Manager is available in different languages, you can change the language you use by the options menu in the program.

Tournament Manager features:
■ Multiple tournaments (based on Swiss system)
■ Round robin tournaments
■ Double elimination tournaments (even a cup tournament)
■ Different tournament stages with different duration and rules
■ Tournament lasts until the first team is crowned champion
■ Tournament results can be inputed
■ You can manage the tournament yourself (you can change the match result)
■ You can search for tournaments
■ You can calculate tournament results and ranks
■ You can change tournaments, participants, teams and tournaments
■ Tournament Manager is multilingual
■ You can control and communicate to your users in real time, because you can manage and change the tournament data in your web site
■ You can synchronize your tournament data with Tournament Manager.

Key features:
■ Help you keep track of all matches
■ Quickly input match results, change and control the tournament
■ Advanced tournament management
■ Downloadable tournament results in PDF or HTML format
■ Import your own tournaments from Excel, CSV or other sources.
■ Built-in PGN viewer
■ Input tournament data with simple single mouse clicks
■ You can create new tournaments, tournaments with different rules and stages.
■ Split tournaments and stages
■ Both the teams and the players can change their profile and status.
■ Organize players and teams in different roles
■ You can communicate with your players and other participants in real time via the web or a web link (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
■ Import and export of tournament data between other programs
■ You can synchronize your tournament data with Tournament Manager.

New tournament data:
■ New tournament
■ New tournament stage
■ New team
■ New player

New tournament stage:
■ New

System Requirements For Tournament Manager:

ZBrush 7.2
ZBrush UI 2.0
ZBrush Print 2.0
TressFX/TressMap 3.4
ZBrush Engine 6.1
The Shader list:
Option 1:
Price: $19.95
The file size is 22 MB
Option 2:
Price: $39.95
The file size is 43 MB
Option 3:
Price: $99.95
The file size is 86 MB

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