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Computer file management is something that we all do, one way or another: whether it is organizing stuff on our desktop, creating new folders to house our files, or relocating data to a different drive, it's something that everyone does to make navigating on their system a more streamlined experience.
We all know of File Explorer, and for the most part, it's something that gets the job done without a problem. In case you're looking for some more functionality, though, a third-party tool like EF Commander might be worth trying: the dual-panel layout, along with several other quality-of-life improvements, allow for more thorough file management.
A functional interface
The interface is much like in any other file commander-type software: the dual-panel layout is the name of the game, and that's because it works so well in this context. Thanks to the two panels, users can work on two different folders at once, under the same interface, which is great for convenience.
You can move files and folders around as you want, and the program offers some additional functions that are quite useful to make use of. For instance, users can open an archive directly in the interface, as well as move the files from an archive to another. Handy is also the parallel operation feature, which essentially allows users to employ multiple commands at the same time: as an example, you can have several ongoing copy commands.
More ways to manage
The program affords users the option to split and merge files, and this works as you would expect: you can split larger files into smaller ones and relocate them somewhere else, which can greatly help when storage is of concern. A multi-rename tool is also built-in.
The internal viewer is also a much-needed quality-of-life improvement over the File Explorer: by modifying the layout to the Quick View mode, you can preview image, audio, and video files within the app. However, we experienced a couple of crashes when testing this — your mileage may vary, though.
In conclusion
EF Commander is yet another file commander-type program, and it is competent enough to make it worth the try: the odd crash and the Free version pop-up messages were a bit miffing, however.







EF Commander Free PC/Windows Latest

EF Commander is a free dual-panel file manager for Windows.
EF Commander allows users to:
- Move and copy files/folders
- Split large files into smaller ones
- Merge files
- Create and delete folders
- Add, delete, rename and reorder internal and external folders
- Protect folders by password
- Lock, unlock, rename and remove protected files/folders
- Rename files and folders
- Make archive files (zip/tar) and open them directly
- Rename file/folder by selecting file name and press Enter
- Add files/folders by drag & drop and select file name
- Split and merge files/folders with drag & drop
- Search for files/folders using a simple text box
- Arrange files/folders in tree view
- Copy, move, rename and delete files/folders
- Remove duplicate files/folders
- Organize files/folders in a neat way
- Browse Internet and add custom bookmarks to the address bar
- Access files/folders in a drive directly without opening Explorer
- Open a file directly without Explorer
- View, edit and create hidden files and folders
- List files and folders by using filters
- View, edit and create properties
- Display file/folder information
- Control all features using hotkeys
- Automatic backup of files
- Full file system scan
- Full backup of all your files
- Create virtual folders
- Rename files and folders
- Customize the interface look and feel
- Create symbolic links
- View and edit properties
- Enable/disable read-only mode
- Display list of files/folders
- Copy and move files/folders directly to the selected location
- Create and delete compressed archive files
- Rename files and folders inside archive files
- View and edit properties
- Edit tags
- Open archives
- Change icon set
- Convert images to icon
- Create multiple copies
- Rename with multiple words
- Split and merge files/folders
- Split large files into smaller ones
- Merge files
- Split files into smaller ones
- Merge files
- Split files into smaller ones
- Merge files
- Create archives
- Create ZIP, RAR, JAR and TAR archives
- Split and merge files/folders with drag & drop
- Split and merge files/folders with drag & drop

EF Commander Free Crack+ For Windows [Updated]


EF Commander Free Crack [Latest]

This is the Free version of EF Commander, the best file manager for Windows. It's well-known for its stable and fast performance, the lightweight design, and the unique features. It can manage files, folders and drives and always keep them up-to-date. It can provide you with a lot of helpful tools to manage files and drives, including: Split and merge, zip, unzip, copy, move and delete. More features are about to come.
Minimum Requirements:



Mac OS X: version 10.9 or later


Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP or Windows 2000

File and Folder Management Utilities

.NET Framework

EF Commander's dual-panel design allows users to work on two different folders simultaneously. Also, the file or folder can be moved to different locations. One can also rename a file/folder without losing its original name. A file or folder can be split and merged. It can also compress and decompress files to a Zip archive.

Internal Viewer

EF Commander can open files from other applications (such as Word, Excel, etc.).

Fast, Free and Stable

Free version has all the features, including remote file operations.


Support free 30 days



File duplication.


You can download EF Commander for Windows from the product page. It is available for the download as a free version.

EF Commander is the best tool for managing files and folders. File Commander for Mac offers similar functions to its Windows counterpart. This file explorer provides dual panes for file management. It provides integrated split and merge of the selected files and folder. The data within the selected files and folders can be moved to different locations.


You can download EF Commander for Mac from the product page. It is available for the download as a free version.

Ef Commander Mac is a file commander for mac users. File Commander for Mac is available in different versions. It is the only file explorer that offers users to work on two different folders at once. It can provide users with many other features.


It has the capability to relocate files or folders.

It has the ability to open files from other applications (such as Word, Excel, etc.).


You can download EF

What's New in the EF Commander Free?

Your mobile games are at home, so why don't you use the most compact and most powerful mobile games' organizer?
What is EF Commander?
EF Commander is a mobile games organizer that can help you manage any and every type of game. Whether it is first person shooter games, role-playing games, puzzle games, or any other type of game, you will find it at home.
- Support in 13 languages
- Built-in library manager
- In-built audio and video player
- Bookmark manager
- Automatically close those unimportant or unused games
- Batch uninstaller
- Add to favorites
- Import and export list
- Dump dump dump features
- Enhanced user interface
- Full control over menu
- Multiple undo and redo
- User's feedback
- And much more.
Effortless Managing
EF Commander is a program for mobile games' organizer. It can keep your mobile game's information well organized and free your storage space. This program can help you to easily manage your game's data and playlists.
Games Organizer
EF Commander is a game organizer for mobile games. It can help you to store game's data well organized. You can find those old games which you no longer play or wish to remove from your storage device.

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System Requirements For EF Commander Free:

PC :
OS: Win 7 or later
Processor: 2.0Ghz AMD/Intel Dual Core, Athlon X4 or higher
Memory: 4 GB or higher
Graphics: 1024x768 or higher
DirectX: Version 9.0 or higher
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 12 GB available space
Additional Notes:
The game will be PC compatible (Windows 7 or later) only, therefore, Mac users will be unable to play the game.


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