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When you double-click on the icon, it will resize the currently active window so the title bar is actually above the screen boundaries, thus saving those extra pixels that you don't want to waste.







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"After installing this add-on, the window is maximized with the title
bar sitting on top of the monitor. You can click-and-drag the
window to move it."


C# - Swapping 2 images without losing original image

I am working on a project for work and have run into a bit of a snag. I am trying to swap 2 images within a bitmap. I have a couple of methods that I have found online, but they don't seem to work for what I am trying to do. Here is my code:
private void swapped(Bitmap current, Bitmap swap)
Bitmap temp;
temp = current.Clone();

//Swap Images
current.Translate(0, 0);

swap.Translate(current.Width, 0);


//Copy Values of temp
current.SetPixel(0, 0, temp);
current.SetPixel(0, current.GetHeight() - 1, temp);

//Swap original image

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X11 Keysym to identify the Window. The xterm utility and xterm-color(1) utility ignore this setting, and usually want to use the X (or C) key.

When you double-click on the icon, it will resize the currently active window to the specified width (default=90).
KEYMACRO Description:
X11 Keysym to identify the Window. The xterm utility and xterm-color(1) utility ignore this setting.


You can use the WindowMaker keyboard configurator. The default configurator can be used to create a GUI that will match (approximately) the screen resolution of your xterm. If you haven't tried it, give it a try.
See for info.


xterm has a -geometry option. See


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The system automatically adjusts the size of windows so that the title bar is always displayed at the top of the screen. This means that you will see the title bar when a window has been maximized and when a window has been minimized. (It will look empty when a window is maximized and the icon is also on the top.)
Type: Keyboard accelerator
Trigger: double-click


Open the taskbar and you will see the icons/taskbars, either for maximize or for minimize.

[Lactobacillus acidophilus and L. casei in neonatal nutrition].
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import (


type PluginInfo struct {
ID string
URL string

type PluginRegistry interface {
ListPlugins() []plugin.Plugin
Host() host.Host

// PluginUnregister unmaps a plugin to its host. The context
// should not be used after calling this method.
func PluginUnregister(c *libcontainer.Context, plugin Plugin) error {
if c.Host().PluginStore == nil {
return nil
delete(c.Host().PluginStore, plugin.ID)
return nil

func PluginFromSource(ctx libcontainer.Context, sources []string) ([]plugin.Plugin, error) {
if ctx.

What's New in the?

This command is quite similar to another boD command which takes the screen height into account to maximize the window. However, when you use this command, the window will resize so it is actually one pixel higher than the screen boundaries, thus wasting the extra pixel at the top of the screen. In addition, a window can be resized by moving the mouse to the top or bottom of the window, but not by moving to the sides, thus providing you the ability to see the edge of the window. Therefore, you must be careful to run this command as often as necessary to maximize your windows, so the title bar does not go out of bounds of the screen, thus wasting space.


super-i (is there a keyboard command for that?) lets you show a menu with various commands, like the option to maximize, minimize, and maximize to a certain size. Then you hit the key combination you are looking for and it pops up.

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System Requirements:

Windows Vista or Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or later
2 GHz Dual-Core CPU
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or ATI Radeon HD 3870 or better
9.0 or later
Broadband Internet access
Hard Drive:
20 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Optional Multimedia Features
These features are included in the game and are not currently

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