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Is it possible to cure impotence

Is it possible to cure impotence? What treatment methods are effective?In one of the articles, our experts have already told us how to cure erectile dysfunction. Impotence is a more complex condition. In simple words, this is an extreme degree of erectile dysfunction, when a man completely lacks an erection, that is, there is no…
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Compatibility of prostate adenoma and alcohol.

Prostate adenoma is often found in older men, it causes the appearance of negative symptoms of the lower urinary tract. The prevalence of adenoma increases after 40 years.Genetics, diet and lifestyle play a significant role in the severity of the symptoms of the disease. Prostate adenoma goes hand in hand with metabolic syndrome and erectile…
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Male contraception

Male contraception. According to statistics, every second citizen of childbearing age took oral hormonal contraceptives at leastonce in her life, and every fourth did it continuously for several years. A more effective way to plan childbearing has not beeninvented to date. Therefore, women put up with side effects and, albeit small, but the probability of…
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